Saturday, September 24, 2011

{ Dear Artists, Traveling Book is Here @ 2nd Stop }


Hi artists!

I received traveling book ~ { portrait:landscape } on September 21st from @kimikobashi in San Jose CA. So my target shipping date is planed before October 5th to the 3rd stop @HeedlessCeramic in Portland OR.

This is an exciting art project organized by @kimikobashi which the sketch book travels across 3 continents and 2 islands being passed through 17 artists, it is literally all over the world. Each artist is assigned to add her art pieces in 4 blank pages when she received it, where the theme is { 2 pages for self-portrait, another 2 pages for landscape where you live } See more details in kimi's blog: new traveling book ~ {portrait:landscape}

It is my great honer working with you all!

The title page { portrait:landscape }

Page 4-5 Portrait by @kimikobashi
Mixed media

Page 6-7 Landscape by @kimikobashi

Page 8-9 Landscape by @hooka111
Welcome to San Francisco Bay area
Watercolor, Faber-Castell pencils


This is the familiar view I always see from or to the airport (SFO). I travel once a year to Tokyo. In California, we enjoy BBQ party and fishing in lakes near by. This is a 3 minutes scketch. Whole idea is attempting drawing in 3 minutes.

Page 10-11 Portrait by @hooka111
Watercolor, 18K gold leaf

Come to play in my world of fantasy. This is my self-portrait. I have a pet dolphin and a big trading ship.

I like sailing boats because I like Mr. Midshipman, Hornblower, the popular England novel series with full of adventure. The best book for boys and moms who have boys :D I also like the colors; purple, emerald green, and turquoise. My only mistake is the face, I like more mature face more or less 40. I like to play harp and want to learn.

More update is coming during the stays of traveling book in my place! Stay turned...


  1. Wow, 18K gold leaf ~ so fancy & elegant! I love what you have done here. You have more updates to come? How exciting! :D Thank you for being a part of this book Chiori!

  2. Thanks Kimi ~, I think I did it quite fast. However I have not done the postcard part yet. In addition I am thinking to put paper cover on the book so it will protect from getting dirty during the creative work.

  3. This is lovely! I think the paper cover is quite a good idea (I do that to my altered books-it saves grief!). You should take up the harp! I used to play-it's the most forgiving instrument, nobody but another harpist can hear any mistakes!

  4. How nice of you ~ a paper cover sounds like a smart idea. I had a lot of trouble finding a postcard. I was even hoping for an antique one at some point, but even that was not to be found. (I was looking downtown and even in Japantown). Maybe you can find a good one at the little shops in Niles Canyon? We wanted to go there sometime...

    I didn't know you wanted to add harp to your talents. That would be amazing! I'd have to brush up on my flute so we could play some duets. :)

  5. Kye! Thanks for your comment ^-^;;
    I am ahead of my schedule so traveling book will be sending out sometime in the week of 26th. This is totally a good learning experience for me because I never did collaboration with other artists.

    Nice suggestion for harp!! I became more serious about getting a harp rather than a baby grand!!

  6. Kimi, you have the Winchester mystery house or San Jose State U to buy postcards. How about High-Tech Museum? San Jose has so many travelers’ attractions to visit. Instead, Fremont may have animal postcards in the bird refuge center? You are right. Niles antique shop may have something...

  7. Hello Hooka!
    That's wounderful place:)
    I feel fresh comfortable air with your work.

  8. Juriko san! コメントありがとうございます。

    Blog のGalleryほうも今日みせていただきましたよ。動物画など、質感があってすばらしい絵ですね。たびたび伺いますのでよろしくお願いいたします。