Monday, August 29, 2011

{ Gorgeous afternoon @ Stanford Art Museum }


My artist friend invited us to go together to see “book art exhibition” at Stanford University Cantor Art Center. The place is famous for Stanford family’s large collection of Rodin sculptures. As well as Rodin, we could see some of anthropologic art collections from Egypt, Africa, and then modern art.   Her son is a best friend of my son while they studied at Delphi Academy so that we try to get together once in a while for them.  We tried to teach what are they in those books and however, 2 boys are too happy to see each other running around in and out of the gallery space. There was an outside objet boys really liked, which was a huge maze-like rusty metal architecture we can actually walk through inside. 


Cantor Art Center, Stanford University



One of Rodin room

The Gates of Hell

Egyptian Art

I normally dislike contemporary art...I like old style, but kids like this panda art and asked me to take a photo.

Tiny magnet men, boys bought in the museum shop.

A huge rusty piece of metal objet actually can go inside...


A very European style campus building, there must be a lot of young people in the campus on week days but the day was on Sunday. So quiet that only a few families nearby, dogs and tourists can be seen.

My friend brought scooters for kids so they can play after the museum. The boys are very good at scooters. They are not tired at all!


See more pictures in art journal ~ { kimi kobashi }

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

{ End of Summer Play Date }



Summer break is almost over! We had play date with my son's piano friend. The day was nice in the nearby park. The boy has a younger brother and an older sister so 4 of them played together. While playing, an ice cream bender came by so kids were screaming they want to buy it. We had to let them otherwise they might be so disappointed... They chose  spiderman shape ice candies and its eyes were 2 bubble gums attached to it! No wonder kids loved it.

Newark Community Park is just 15 minutes from our house.

Spider man ice candy, the eyes are bubble gums!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

{ Kids are so creative and artistic ! }

  • 私は子供の絵は大好きだ。その大胆な色使いや、デッサンのすこしくるった面白い形、飾りたくなるものがたくさんある。大人は良く考えて描いてしまうので、絵が当たり前になってしまい、面白くない。
  • 姪の絵がすこし大人びてとてもよくなってきた。習っているだけ合って、筆のおき方がとても丁寧だ。Chibartのあつお先生によると、「力があって人をひきつける」との評でした。私が誉めると、太い線はひいおじいちゃんのマネなんだって。会ったことないのに、やっぱり尊敬しているんだ。祖父は好きな山を描くとき、綺麗なふわふわっと、うっとりするようなパステルカラーをたくさん使った。色にうっとりしていると、山が大きくなってきて、広大な奥行きが見えてくる。見る人を、その場に立たせる。色彩感覚が非常に鋭い人なのだ。祖父が若き日々を過ごした、モンマルトルにもう一度行きたい! Je veux aller à Montmartre à nouveau!
  • 息子のほうは動物画が大好きだ。アメリカの教室、Creative Kidsでも生き物の絵ばかり描く。魚、鳥、爬虫類、コアラ。Chibartののりこ先生も動物画をお描きになるようだ。子供と象とシェパード犬の絵が飾ってあった。象は先生の大学のそばにいつもいるからだろうか?そういえばChibartのホームページにも象が。今回の教室での課題は帆船だったが、やはりイルカとシャチを描くのを忘れなかった。のりこ先生に、息子の今までの絵を何点かお見せしたら、カメレオンのがよく描けている、とおっしゃった。早速、額にいれて飾ろう。
I like kids drawings! They are so fun to see. Some of them are so good and better than adult ones.
Here are some pieces from US and Japan done by elementary school kids!

Creative Kids の生徒たちのお絵かき

Creative Kidsでの息子の水彩画。

Oil on Canvas { painting of my niece}

My niece can draw this in short time, look at the colors she chose!

This piece was drawn by my son in Creative Kids sketch class.

This is the Japanese art school "Chibart" my son went.