Friday, November 11, 2011

{ For Illustration Friday: Silent }

Medium: Digital by WindowsXp Paint

This is my image of “Silent”, deep and dark forest with the moonlight. A little deer is wandering around. 

 I am a fan of Microsoft, and I like Paint! It is such a simple tool … but I can do a lot of things with it just for fun ^-^;; Recently I found that Windows7’s Paint is even better than one on XP,  it can create a finish with more professional looking.

マイクロソフトのPaintでお絵かきするのが大好きです。今後、Illustration Fridayの課題は、Paintでやっていこうと思っています。高額なツールを駆使して立派な作品を描こうと努力するより、使い方が簡単で、気軽にさらさらと小一時間で描けるのでストレス解消にはとてもよいです。

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

{ For Illustration Friday: Stripes }

Medium: Digital - Windows7 Paint

Twitter/Blog Friend の@jurikoさんにIllustration Fridayというサイトを教えてもらいました。下記のテキストリンクがそうです。毎週金曜日に課題が出て、閲覧者が自由にそのサイトにイラストを発表することができます。このトラは(自分が気に入っていないので)失敗作です。難しいですね。

Sunday, November 6, 2011

{ Valuable time with Friends + Sketchbook Discussion }



I and E kun were invited for my artist friend's house to attend her son's birthday party. There were 8 boys and one girl invited for dinner and games, then 4 boys including my son continued to stay and sleep overnight. They were so excited and had really great time.

While M kun was putting candles...E and others were so excited! #yay!

Happy Birthday M kun!!

Very fun kids' talking and eating! The Italian dish was so delicious.

Lucky for me, I could have a discussion of arthouse sketchbook and other art opportunities with my friend. She has been a good mentor, and always inspires me a lot.

She prepared her own paper which may be more suitable for water color and she is going to re-bind them. She bought them from University Art. One of my major concerns was that my sketchbook were already pruny and wrinkled with water color. She said it's OK because she rather liked the sketchbooks with the kind of looking when she went to the last year's arthouse-tour in SF.

Page 2 of my arthouse sketchbook ~ Gibraltar ~ This was drawn with real coffee, because I like coffee.

Another thing I asked was if it was boring for viewers to see similar nautical kind of images in all the pages...she said the theme should be consistent for all pages to the end otherwise, viewers might be disappointed! 

These suggestions are great and I can have a power to keep going! (^o^)/

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

{ Arthouse Sketchbook Project 2012 - The 1st Page }




This is my 1st page of arthouse sketchbook project. I was surprised by its paper quality... I meant, not so good for water color with my favorite Faber-Castell. My theme will be Transatlantic and I will try my images to be nautical fantasy in the age of geographical discovery. ~ Adventurous, Courageous & Leadership ~