Monday, September 26, 2011

{ Unveiling my Atelier for Traveling Book ... }


Welcome to my studio! where the second stop of {portrait:landscape} book.
I am working on such a small desk.

Actually, it is my jewelry box. I do not have a desk... For sure, I am planing to buy a drafter but I have not decided which one...


As I mention before, traveling book might be easy to get dirty during the process. I was thinking to put paper cover on top but I rather got a good idea. I used the page protectors on each page and front and back. Page protectors are normally used for scrapbooking to protect photos. It may provide a certain degree of protection since it is water-proof. However the size does not fit perfectly.

Above is front cover.

Above is @kimikobashi 's page.

Above is the blank pages for @HeedlessCeramic

Page protectors are easy to remove. The participating artist can remove them if she wants to enjoy the original texture. They are not perfect size so that we can discard them all after the book come back to San Jose ^-^;;


  1. You're very thoughtful, Chiori-san. Thank you for taking such care with the book. I was putting paper between the page I was working on and the earlier completed pages so as not to spread paint/ink. A page protector might have been easier? Your mini-desk is very cute! Nice to see photos of where you are busily creating and glad to see you're having fun with the traveling book! ^_^

  2. Thanks for your comment :D For me, everything is learning process. Tell you what…I almost destroy your art! I am so scared (x_x);; when I saw a purple stain just above your cloud, that’s from my page. I inserted paper between them but still seemed not enough. I am hoping it is fixable. Try to fix it when it comes back.

  3. Hi, It was really thoughtful of you to protect the pages of the book. I was a little worried how it would survive the long trip. Can't wait to see it in person : )
    Oh, I love your little workplace. I have that stool in the blues and greens where yours is in pinks. Love it.

    ~Carol | @imsilverfeather

  4. Thanks Carol ~
    Can't wait to see your art in traveling book!

  5. Please don't worry at all about the stain! After I finished the paintings I thought about how far the book would go and actually wondered what the art might look like when it returned. Art is messy so these things are to be expected!